About us


nononsense is a streetwear brand focusing on the production of high-quality clothing. The brand was founded in 2018 in Poland. The "paperplane" became the theme for us. We are distinguished by the fact that all prints and decorations on clothing are made in our own studio, based on our knowledge and experience. Thanks to this, we are able to provide the best possible quality of the clothes sold. We can see that the line between luxury and streetwear has disappeared and now we strive to provide you with the quality you want to wear and feel.


Where is it made of. How it's done. Fabric. Quality. Fit. Details. Stitches. All our clothes are sewn by one of the best sewing rooms in Poland. Each process of creating your product is carefully thought out and made with love. We strive for excellence.


We want you to identify with your clothes and give you a way to show off your personality with the clothes you wear. Make nononsense clothing your way of expressing yourself.

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